Best Practices of MML Family

Someone had asked for TIPS for Intermittent Fasting Success – Here are a few Best Practices that we have come up with for YOU!

  • FIND YOUR TRIBE – That’s US!  A support group is crucial.  You need to have people who understand your struggles and who will celebrate your victories!

  • SCALES – either weigh yourself DAILY and keep a weekly average for weight fluctuations OR ditch the scales totally.  DO not get on the scales once a week, once a month or sporadically – it will mess with your head.
  • CLEAN FASTING – You MUST clean fast every single day.  If you are having any calories in your window, you aren’t “dirty” fasting but you are NOT fasting.  Keep those windows squeaky clean!
  • FOOD TRACKING – For me, I am much more successful when I keep track of what food I’m eating.  I’m not “counting” the food but just keeping track to see how much junk I may be eating or the volume of food I’m eating during my open window.
  • WINDOW TRACKING – Use a fast tracking app to keep track of your windows.  It is easy to forget or fudge a little on the times if you aren’t intentionally starting and stopping your fasting times.
  • OPENING/CLOSING FOODS – Pay close attention to how you feel when you open your eating window with a particular type of food or when you close your eating window with a particular type of food.  How is your appetite during the eating window or during the following fast?  Does it matter what you are eating during the
  • GRACE FILLED LIFESTYLE – Extending yourself grace is very important.  If you get off track, you don’t have to wait until next Monday or the first of the month to get started again.  Just start again TONITE!  If you don’t do so well, just do better tomorrow.
  • FLEXIBILITY – I love that I can move my eating window around to accommodate special occasions.  I can have longer eating windows and then tighten them up, as needed.  It’s nice not to have an exact amount of calories or other measure of food that I have to hit each day/week.
  • LISTEN TO YOUR BODY – Your body will go through a process called “appetite correction” – Google it!  You will gain control over the types of foods you crave and the amount.  It was really weird the day I was driving to Chic Fil A but decided I needed BROCCOLI instead.
  • BLACK COFFEE = DAILY MEDICINE – Do you automatically love black coffee?  Probably not, I sure didn’t!  I didn’t like coffee at all, but now I drink 4-6 cups now each morning.  This just helps me keep fasting until lunch time.
  • PATIENCE – You didn’t gain it all in one week!  Give your body at least 6 months to adapt to this eating pattern and to see the changes that are permanent, if you continue the eating patterns.
  • GOAL SETTING – Be Realistic!  You should set SMART goals (Google it) and share those goals with your fasting family so we can celebrate those together.
  • CELEBRATE YOUR NSVs – Whether it’s being able to now button a shirt or pants, bend over to tie your shoes or fit in a seatbelt – there are all kinds of Non Scale Victories to celebrate.  The number on the scales do NOT define your success!
  • TWEAK IT TIL IT WORKS – If a 16/8 eating schedule isn’t cutting it (no visible changes) then you may need to move to 18/6 or reduce your sugar intake or carb intake or cut out something.
  • KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR OWN WINDOWS & PLATE- Some of our fasting friends will engage in extended fasts – up to 72 hours or ADF (alternate day fasting).  While this is great for some of us, others it may not appeal to (IT DOES NOT ME) and that is okay.  Keep your eyes on your own window.  Don’t be discouraged if you feel like others can fast more than you.  It is okay …you do YOU!  Same goes for food…Keep your eyes on your own plate!
  • FASTING is HARD at first but gets easier, DIETS are EASY at first but get harder!
If you have an idea for a Best Practice
please share it with us!